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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Slorg Posted - 18 Jan 2008 : 13:16:50
At the request of a few forum members, and after consulting with each other, the Moderation Staff have decided to open up two new review threads.

One thread for positive reviews, one for negative reviews.

The current review thread will be locked. I encourage those who have posted reviews to copy/paste them into the appropriate thread, and I apologize in advance for the inconvenience, however we feel this is the best course of action.


- You may ONLY post reviews and discussion of reviews in this thread. No arguing over points and counter-points (Example: If you have a negative view of the movie, don't go posting arguments in the Positive Thread and vice-versa.

- Some general discussion is fine, but if it strays into it's own topic just make a new topic for it. (Example: If the topic begins to stray to the soundtrack, start posting in the soundtrack thread.)

- Negative reviews are to be in the Negative Review thread, Postive reviews are to be in the Positive Review thread.

- Off topic posts, or posts that belong in a different thread will be deleted without warning or mercy.

- Repeat offenders will be banned.

- These rules were established to reduce flaming, off-topic posts, and clutter in the forums with new and unnecessary threads.
15   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
elvish lad Posted - 13 Nov 2009 : 18:13:00
Dragonlance books are legendary!!
I love them so much! never will I tire from
reading them!
Thank you Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis for showing us
the world of Krynn!

"Allonsey"- The Doctor
"He Who Dares, Wins"- Del Boy
anastari6969 Posted - 03 Nov 2009 : 16:06:12
I wanted to say hi and Thx to M. Hickman & T. Hickman, i've been a fan for so long that i could'nt tell u how many years its been, i'm now 32 i got almost every book (Hard Cover) u guy wrote on Dragonlance, Thx for those EPIC Story, i think i've miss 2 sadly.

My opinion about the movie, i'm a bit disapointed about the graphics as for the story to be able to put the whole book into a movie was well represented for the time alowed, i really like the movie seriously i even felt nostalgic and started crying at some point the music was wow insane, there was a few thing in the movie that didnt really fit tho with the book but i guess they were'nt able to draw as intended too large or hard to do for that solace part, i know my post is far late from when the movie was originally released but better late then never.

As a lot of people said on the other post before mine i always thought that if there was going to be a movie of dragonlance it would be a real movie. I think that if any producer or movie creater would read ur books they'll probably fall in love with it and would probably eventually put it up there. Your Story is so well written and detail that reading it make u feel touch and live the adventure, The passion the Plot the emotion involve in it is awsome.

there so many possibility as how to make the movie , i was thinking on how they made * 300 * , movie was entirely filmed in a studio everything in it was animation and it made a really nice movie.

insane name to do the movie that would make it a great one in my dreams. Jerry Bruckheimer ; James Cameron ; George Lucas ; Luc Besson ; Zack Snyder ... Like i said in my dream but dream do come true, if u believe in them .

P.s It would be really nice if Hard Cover book could be Order at any given time for fan that hate soft cover, i've miss 2 book hard cover all those years because i was either away or too occupied to be able to go and buy them sadly.

I enjoy your work i hope to see more of it Dragon Lance is the Best Novel Series i read in my life.
tw_fester Posted - 20 Aug 2009 : 09:47:38
I have a friend visiting and we watched the movie. He was a sci fan when we went to school together but had forgotten much of the story. He enjoyed the movie but did make mention of the horrendous animated version of LOTR, and said that DL was not as bad as that first offering.

Overall he enjoyed the film, despite its shortcomings.

O, BTW, he is now presently re-reading the books, due to the interest the film sparked in him again. Isn't that all we could hope for?

"What a colossal blunder!" - Sandy Stern, Presumed Innocent

Besides... that dagger was Flint's.

Melancholic-Symphony Posted - 18 Aug 2009 : 18:08:50
I guess the one thing I did like about the movie is that the actors had a great quality. I always remember that the director is God. It's the truth.

And if you want to say it could be worse, all I have to do is point out the obvious knock off cartoons of Snow White, Hercules, etc. I mean, if you can't find them on youtube, that says enough. I was bored and browsing some discount cartoons once. I was giggling at each one. It takes a lot for me to do that. They have to rename them too. It's just... such a great comic relief.

Artist of many trades.
tw_fester Posted - 22 Jul 2009 : 17:11:39
...(it is always harder to say something nice than it is to be negative about something why is that??)... edit...(tw)

This statement is another way of saying what I said in the thread for DoWN.

"What a colossal blunder!" - Sandy Stern, Presumed Innocent

Besides... that dagger was Flint's.

DeathKnight Posted - 20 Jul 2009 : 17:46:00
ok now for the positive of this movie.my Kids view it was cool he loved Tas and rast he thinks the storie is good animation was bad(i would of used a diffrent word)but over all he said he really liked it no counting taste i guess.now for me!!(it is always harder to say something nice than it is to be negative about something why is that??)it was good to see the book come alive(soto speak)thats about the only good thing i have to say about it sorry.most people who haven't read the books like it(seems to be a theme beginning here)me i came to this site to find out when the next one is due out..not because it was good or even avarge but i'm hopeing they figured out the probs. and fixed them i'm gonna give them the benifit of the doubt on the 1st one.
PalinMajere Posted - 27 Feb 2009 : 07:47:28
I loved the movie......yes there were voice level problems...but to me this is a work of love...of course with lots of money to throw at a project like this...it would have improoved things..yes i would have prefered a different animation..but not once did anything stop the enjoyment of watching my favorite characters being brought to life....i cherished every moment....i watched it with a friend who never read the books....but has been playing D&D for over 18 years with me...and he was thrilled watching it....every one else i watched it with had no ties to D&D or the books....and they have all loved it.....i for one cant wait for the next one!
MrStatesTheObvious Posted - 05 Jan 2009 : 00:13:58
Originally posted by Darmack

I would like to give a positive review of the ending credits. The cartoon was finally over and the pain was lessened. I did like the music that was used to support the cartoon throughout.

HAHA yes the end credits were nice. The character designs they showed with the voice actors looked much better than how they actually looked in the movie.


Darmack Posted - 26 Dec 2008 : 03:46:28
I would like to give a positive review of the ending credits. The cartoon was finally over and the pain was lessened. I did like the music that was used to support the cartoon throughout.

P.S> If you a DM and you cant see how everyone in the cage saved for damage your an idiot. When a god cast a fireball you only take the damage he wants you to.
Flavius1978 Posted - 18 Sep 2008 : 12:22:15
In my opinion it was absolutely awesome to get it on the screen, and i think it worked out very good, i just hope we will see the rest of the books soon.
theonetrueking Posted - 19 Aug 2008 : 17:02:41
well this is nice! a positive thread with negatives... get a grip you lot!

this is a positive thread if you got none go to the other thread for that!

I have read the books for years and love them... this film is good all of you negatives will say something good about it, personally i think too many plan what they will hate about these conversions before they watch them.

I loved this mainly cause it IS a dragonlance film. It is also well done, raistlin was great. as was tanis and sturm.

My fiancee liked it too and understood the story well even though "...too much was missed out..." as to many have stated.

I hope that the fact that this was a well done adaptation will bring forth the next two and even the legends trilogy... maybe even go back and do the prequels so that we can meet each character in more detail.

all in all i say "Good" especially the magic words raistlin uses!
Slorg Posted - 12 Jul 2008 : 20:27:57
Re-Stickied because of the recent release of the movie in Australia and the UK.

SteelWarrior Posted - 27 May 2008 : 15:26:12
copied by request from my other thread

Hey all, just signed up.
I rented the movie last night, watched it today, wanted to check out this site for news on the 2nd and 3rd movies. ALOT of negative feedback on here. I own every dragonlance book ever made, I also casually play WoW and my screen names Raistlin :D

Im a pretty big fan, but im not really a sci fi junkie haha. AKA i dont like go to comic conventions and such

and yea, just wanted to jump in here and post my thoughts and give you all some food for thought.

Since dragonlance is always compaired to LOTR, lets use it as a starting ground. Has anyone here actually SEEN the 2 attempts LOTR made at turning the books into movies? It was a JOKE! and then someone comes along and makes the block buster series that was released a few years ago. For a cartoon, the DL movie wasnt bad, i rented it expecting the worst, i loaded it up and was pretty shocked that it followed the story line pretty decently, they missed some sections of it, but shit, were talking aobut a smaller company on a LIMITED budget. I for one am glad they gave the characters some reference to the books, granted the animation was sketchy at parts, but alot of the original dialog was used and taht scored points for me. The music was great, it did flood out some of the vocals at times. but honestly people, what do you think there budget was? lol. LOTR was a HELL of a gamble, the past attempts in the 80s and early 90s to bring the lovable series to video FAILED, to the point where the 2nd one made ran out of budget mid way through the 2 towers and just added text sub script to finish the story.

While the critism on this forum is legit and I do agree on some points, the overall negative hate floating on this forums is going to hurt the series more then anything. You really have to appreciate the efforts of someone trying something new and moving into an uncharted area instead of repeating the same bullshit done all the time (*cough new rambo movies cough*).

I for one would personally like to shake the hands with the people who made this movie, because i was so excited just seeing the beloved series in a box on the wall at blockbuster! i was like im renting that right now and i dont give a shit if it sucks or rocks, Im going to support the attempt to share the story we all love with the world.

they may not have got it perfect. but HELL it could be ALOT worst! Who knows, maybe down the road sometime, someone will take a risk and make that 100 million dollar block buster :D

And the LOTR movies were pretty far from the actual story, and while it recieved critism over it, the fans stood by the attempt and made it what it is. I think this fourm needs to show more loving :D


I wanted ot add that im glad it didnt follow the book 100%, because when you read a novel, your mind creates its own images, personaly i get annoyed when theres pictures of the character on the cover of the book, because i picture them differently in my mind. so a movie will NEVER match what your imagination conjures up, and i like seeing what little twists and changes they add into the story, if it followed the story 100% i probably would have fallen asleep.
Sirch Posted - 16 May 2008 : 03:04:00
It just takes me a long time to get around to buying things. I'll see something I really want and then get it a month later and I wasn't feeling that much pressure to see this movie.

I really do think that the thing problem a lot of people had with this movie was expectations. When it wasn't that good they felt crushed.

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tw_fester Posted - 15 May 2008 : 22:33:23
I have just got my film back from some friends that I lent it to and I want to see it again when I have some spare time. They told me (two different friends, both with kids) that it was decent and their kids liked it. I guess that is the main power of this first offering, to get the next generation interested so we can get another chance at seeing more.

I am surprised that Sirch, you watched it. I thought for the longest while there that our all mighty mod with the Rod of Smiting and Banning would abstain (). Welcome to the watchers club and I am glad that you did not get overly disappointed. Good on ya, mano!

I have said before that it will not be the blockbuster of the year , but it is a decent start that will hopefully lead to bigger and better budgets.

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Besides... that dagger was Flint's.

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